1. Can you handle a matter on an emergency basis?
    Absolutely, stepping in at a moment's notice is our forte. Due to the nature of our business, we have attorney's located close to each courthouse. We recommend you call us as quickly as possible prior to setting up the reservation in Harmony.
  2. Can you handle a matter on same day?
    Yes, we ask that you call us as quickly as possible prior to setting up the reservation in Harmony.
  3. What counties do you cover?
    We cover all 67 counties in Florida.
  4. Who is the attorney for my case?
    SLG maintains a closed network of qualified attorneys who are ranked for their performance. The assigned attorney will be listed in your confirmation of booking.
  5. Do you have liability insurance?
    Yes, SLG is a law firm and maintains Errors and Omissions Insurance.
  6. Do you handle contested matters?
    Yes, our attorneys have experience in litigation and can handle matters from routine hearings to evidentiary hearings through trial.
  7. How quickly do I get my results?
    SLG responds quickly in getting results to our clients. You can expect results within 24 hours. If you need your results sooner, you can reach out to us for an exception.
  8. Do you have after hours services?
    While the courthouse is open only during business hours, SLG has resources available in the early mornings, evenings and weekends to handle emergency matters.
  9. What is Harmony?
    Harmony is the case management system used by our local counsel to securely and efficiently handle your case. Client access is provided to assist with easy booking.
  10. When can I expect confirmation?
    SLG processes all requests immediately upon receipt. As soon as an attorney is confirmed for your booking, an electronic confirmation is sent (within 48 hours for non-emergency bookings).
  11. How will my documents be handled/transmitted?
    SLG is capable of handling paper file packages. However, the most efficient way to securely transfer documents is through the Harmony System, which uses industry standard SSL encryption (SHA-2) to transmit data to and from your web browser, so your documents can get to us safely.
  12. What do you need from me in order to handle my matter?
    The most important document we need is the Notice of Hearing (NOH) so we can be prepared at the right place at the right time. Additionally, we need relevant file documents, client position, specific directive and proposed order(s).
  13. I need coverage - what do I do next?
    Request an account in Harmony and submit your request. If the hearing is for the next day, contact us via phone so we can assist you quickly and efficiently.
  14. Will my data be secure?
    Yes, SLG's Harmony System was designed from the ground up with security in mind. It runs on an operating system known for an inherently secure design and all communications to/from the system are encrypted. We have a series of firewalls and intrusion detection systems aimed at keeping the data safe. Since the implementation of Harmony, we have never experienced any data loss or had any of our systems compromised. Our developers have been in-house since the beginning and are constantly making improvements to incorporate the latest security best practices. Further, SLG applies a "need to know" policy and only provides access to attorney and necessary staff members.
  15. How do you handle original loan collateral?
    Original loan document handling is taken very seriously in our office. Once received, custody of original documents is tracked and recorded. We recommend using a traceable courier for mailing original collateral.
  16. Do you represent homeowners in foreclosure defense?
    No, SLG represents creditors, lenders, plaintiffs in debt collections, foreclosure and creditors rights actions.
  17. How do you handle escalations & client issues?
    SLG has a management team comprised of attorneys who oversee any escalations or client issues through to conclusion. Our attorney network is trained on reporting escalation issues immediately.
  18. How do I contact appearing attorney?
    Contact information for the assigned attorney will be provided in the email confirmation you receive. In order for us to provide the best service possible, SLG should be included in all correspondence on your matter.
  19. I have an emergency interview on a current booking, what do I do?
    First, send an email with specific information and directive for the attorney and then call the attorney or SLG. Written instructions are the most important step.
  20. What are your fees?
    Generally, hearings are covered on a flat fee basis depending on the complexity of the case. A more detailed fee structure can be discussed to meet your specific needs.
  21. Can you do other things besides hearing coverage?
    Yes, we also handle foreclosure sales, county commission and association code enforcement hearings, mediations and observations. Our office can also assist with collection or documents and administrative processing tasks.
  22. Can you appear after hours and in the evenings?
    Yes, many civic boards (such as; City Commission and Code Enforcement) have citizen matters that take place at night and our office is routinely available to cover these after-hours meetings.
  23. Do I have to pay mileage?
    No, typical charges like mileage and parking are covered in the flat fee.
  24. How are fees calculated?
    Based on the complexity of the matter, SLG will provide a flat fee for all coverage.
  25. Do you accept Visa/Mastercard? What is the transaction fee?
    Our office accepts credit cards subject to any transaction fees applied by those cards. Payment via firm check is preferred.
  26. How do I cancel an event?
    You can easily cancel any matter in Harmony by selecting the cancel feature.
  27. Will I be charged for cancelling an event?
    A cancellation charge may be applied if you cancel with less than two days notice.
  28. How do I set up an account in Harmony?
  29. How are your attorney's qualified?
    To be selected by the SLG network, the attorney must complete exclusive training and be a member in good standing with the Florida Bar.
  30. How are hearing packages handled?
    The most efficient method for handling hearing packages would be to upload them via our Harmony system. Otherwise, mail hard copy packages directly to our office or to the assigned attorney. There may be additional fees for package printing.
  31. Who do you represent?
    SLG represents creditors, lenders, banks, credit unions and any other party owed money.
  32. Do you appear in bankruptcy court?
    Yes, SLG provides coverage in all three districts in Florida; the Northern District, Middle District and Southern District.
  33. Do you appear in Code Enforcement/HOA's/County Commissions?
    Yes, SLG is available for many civic boards (such as; City Commission, HOA and Code Enforcement) and our office is routinely available to cover these daytime and after-hours meetings.
  34. Do you attend mediations?
    Yes, SLG provides representation in mediation in civil, circuit, appellate and small claims matters.
  35. When do you charge hourly rates?
    Hourly rates are applicable for heavily contested, complicated or highly litigated cases.
  36. Do you handle small claims?
    Yes, SLG routinely appears in county court in small claims matters on behalf of creditors, credit cards and replevin actions.
  37. I need an expert witness, what do I do?
    Contact our office and we will assist you by providing a referral.