Routine pre-trial conferences, case management hearings, credit card matters and foreclosure motion hearings are among the most routine appearances occurring daily in Florida courts. These matters need to be handled professionally and by their nature are well suited for a flat fee on a contracted basis. What really counts is the vendor relationship and commitment to serving clients in this market segment.p1

The pay per use model for litigation appearances at Stewart Law Group is simple. You only pay for what you need. Whether you need ongoing local counsel, routine hearing appearance counsel, bulk rate coverage, litigation counsel, experienced support or file review, Stewart Law Group has an economical rate that will save your clients money.

When you hire us, your matter will be handled by a vetted, professional and experienced attorney who has been accepted into our closed network of attorneys. Stewart Law Group is run in a law firm model and each of our attorneys must fit our brand in terms of energy, professionalism, intelligence and common sense. We conduct continuous trainings, in-person evaluations, socials and professional development sessions to build long-term relationships with our network attorneys.

Stewart Law Group has a vested interest in putting our best foot forward in the courtrooms in Florida. Know that when you hire us, you will receive professional performance from our attorneys because we want to build a working relationship that lasts for years to come. We understand the timelines you expect and the efficiencies required. We understand the nature of this market and what you need.