“I hate to call you this early in the morning, but my car won’t start and I’m supposed to be on my way to court. Can someone else cover my hearings today?” Whether through accident, illness, traffic or a host of other reasons inevitably you will have a circumstance where you are running late or not able to make it to court at some point. What do you do?

Preparationplan-b is key. What is your back up plan? First and foremost, make sure you (or the attorney from your office) is safe and able to handle the emergency situation. Second, have a back-up system already in place. Here is the information you will need to be proactive:

  • Take note of the time. Is there time to deploy Plan B?
  • Gather key information, case number, matter to be heard and Judge.
  • Deploy your plan…call for help first. Call Stewart Law Group who can start working on resolution and getting someone to court for you.
  • Notify the Court first then opposing counsel immediately after. Leave a voicemail, email or text so that there’s a timestamp. People are more understanding if you are early in identifying the issue and proactive about providing a solution.
  • Be able to get the Notice of Hearing, Motion(s) being heard and Proposed Order for any court appearances scheduled from your office at the drop of a hat.
  • Who else from your office is available?
  • Who is the Judge and what is their JA contact information?
  • Can you call in and appear via phone due to an emergency situation?
  • Have opposing counsel’s contact information – to make aware of situation & potentially re-schedule.

The best attorneys have a Plan B. The best Plan B is to call Stewart Law Group. Stewart Law Group is in the business of providing competent attorneys for court appearances on short notice. The attorney resources of SLG can appear in all 67 counties throughout the state and are ready to assist you with your urgent, last-minute needs. With over 115,000 court appearances under their belts, you can count on the professionals of SLG to effectively and efficiently meet your coverage needs. Let us be your Plan B.