Last minute emergencies? What to do……

BY PHYLLIS HARLEY/MANAGING ATTORNEY – STEWART LAW GROUP “I hate to call you this early in the morning, but my car won’t start and I’m supposed to [...]

Collecting on Judgments and Proceedings Supplementary – Florida Statute 56.29

BY ANDREW PEKOE/ASSOCIATE ATTORNEY – STEWART LAW GROUP After a judgment is entered it can become very difficult for the creditor to actually collect on the money [...]

Your Guide to Avoiding Common Mistakes on the RMA Form

BY ANDREW PEKOE/ASSOCIATE ATTORNEY – STEWART LAW GROUP In foreclosure mediations, the biggest impediment to making progress in loss mitigation is an inaccurate or incomplete Request for [...]

Stewart Law Group’s Unique Concept: The Closed Network

BY LESLIE STEWART, PRESIDENT STEWART LAW GROUP Competent coverage means something different at Stewart Law Group. We don’t get hearings covered by blasting texts, emails or posts [...]

The Value of Florida Appearance Counsel Services with Stewart Law Group

BY LESLIE STEWART PRESIDENT OF STEWART LAW GROUP Routine pre-trial conferences, case management hearings, credit card matters and foreclosure motion hearings are among the most routine appearances [...]


Manatee County Judge requests hardcopies delivered prior to hearings

March 30th, 2016|0 Comments

We have recently had issues in Court where Judge Gilbert A. Smith has had difficulty with hearings due to no hardcopy provided in advance.  Per his instructions [...]

St. Lucie County no longer needs ‘Certificates’ supplied for post-judgment

March 30th, 2016|0 Comments

St. Lucie County does not require Certificates of Sale nor Certificates of Disbursements.  Their system will generate these documents and any hardcopy certificates and envelopes submitted will [...]

Calendar invites no longer accepted as request for appearances

March 30th, 2016|Comments Off on Calendar invites no longer accepted as request for appearances

Calendar invites as a method of ‘requesting’ our office to appear in court have proven confusing and unreliable in accurately scheduling and properly cancelling appearances.  As such, [...]



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